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Looking for the best sump pumps at the most affordable prices? Plumbing Deals is your trusted online source for a high-quality sump pump, pump parts, and accessories, offering a wide selection from some of the top name brands in the industry, as well as all other rough plumbing items that you need to complete your next project.

The Best Selection of Pumps Available

At Plumbing Deals, we carry top-rated pumps and supplies from brands such as Liberty Pumps, Zoeller, Guardian Pumps, Little Giant, and many more. Whether it’s the Shellback sump pump, torpedo sump pump, or the Myers 2 HP Irrigation pump, you can enjoy high-quality craftsmanship on each and every order no matter the design or model.

We understand how difficult it can be to source cost-effective pumps and water heaters. That’s why in addition to offering you one of the best selection of pumps—including our shellback pump, Myers sump pump, and Metlund recirculating pump—we also make it easy for you to find other products that aren’t listed. If you’re in need of a specific product and you don’t see it here, let us know and we can make sure to order it for you.

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End Suction Pumps


Floor mounted End Suction Pumps with foot supported voltes in several designs. Small Maintenance-Free Pumps (Series e-1535), Close Coupled Cast Iron Pumps (Series e-1531, e-1532), Small Foot Mounted Close Coupled Stainless Steel Pumps (Series 3530), Base Mounted Pumps (Series e-1510), Flows to 4,000 GPM.


In-Line Pumps

Space saving In-Line pumps available in several designs. Flex coupled (Series e-60), Close Coupled (Series e-80, e-82 and e-90), Split Coupled Pumps (Series e-80SC and e-82SC). Smaller low flow low head pumps are available in the circulator section.


Double Suction Pump

Vertically Split, multiple flange orientation pumps (Series VsX), Flows to 25,000 GPM. Horizontally Split Pumps (Series e-HSC, HCS3, HSC-S, HSCS), Flows to 26,600 GPM


Multi-Stage Pumps

Vertical High Pressure (Series e-SV) and Horizontal Multi-Stage Pumps (Series e-HM) for water boost applications. Stainless Steel or Cast Iron Construction with multiple suction and discharge orientations. Flows to 350 GPM and 800 ft. TDH Designed to handle a wide range of filtration, pressure boost, wash system, and boiler feed applications.


Vertical Turbine Pumps

Multi-Stage Vertical Turbine Pumps with Bronze impellers and Cast Iron bowls. The line shaft turbine pumps have above-ground discharge with water-lubricated line shaft bearings. The Column Pipe Coupling has Bronze Centering spiders with fluted-rubber line shaft bearings. The bowls are vitra-glass coated in the waterways for improved efficiencies. Capacities up to 10,000 GPM with heads to 150 ft. per stage.


Circulator Pumps

Energy Efficient Circulators (Small In-Line Pumps) for Hydronic Heating, Potable Water Recirculation (Plumbing), and solar thermal applications. Circulators are Cast Iron or Lead-Free Bronze constructed with oil lubricated, wet rotor or dry rotor bearings.