Liberty Pumps PC237-442-10A-EYE Sump Pump Combo System: Primary, Backup, and Wireless Alarm

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Are you living in an area where there’s poor supply of electricity or where power outages seem to never end? Dread no more! Liberty Pumps got you covered. Introducing their all-new PC237-442-10A-EYE StormCell sump pump combo that comes complete with a pre-assembled pump and a battery backup system, ensuring you with uninterrupted flood control even when there’s no power! This easy-to-install combo package is already fully assembled to provide you with a smooth and hassle-free installation. Included in this package are the following: (1) heavy-duty 237 5.2 A sump pump that features long-lasting poly-aluminum construction, a motor size of ⅓ HP, and runs on 115 volts; (2) the increasingly popular 442-10A-EYE StormCell backup pump system which has a lot of amazing features! This back-up system has an audible and visual alarm with super-bright red LED alarm lights that will definitely catch everyone’s attention when there’s a call for it. This kit also comes with an energy-efficient 12V DC pump proudly made by Liberty in the USA, a high-grade 10A charger/controller, new silence and test buttons, and many more! If you’re considering durability, Liberty is proud to announce that this sump pump and backup combo is covered under a 3-year warranty; that should tell you how reliable this pump kit is! This complete system also includes a 1-½” PVC piping that has a rubber coupler between the primary and the back-up pump which is designed for easy removal or serviceability of the back-up pump. A check valve is also included in both pumps (primary and back-up) that automates itself to prevent back flow without even requiring your assistance. Very smart, isn’t it? And if you think this pump package, with all its many features, is too complicated to operate, think again. Featuring the all-new Night Eye wifi alert, this innovative backup pump can be controlled wirelessly on your smart device. No need to spend extra for subscription or user fees! Just watch the attached video on how to get started. Together with your chosen Liberty StormCell 12V Group 27 or 31 deep cycle battery (sold separately), this sump pump and backup system will not only protect you from flooded basements nor save you from power outages but will definitely elevate the quality of your life. Check out the rest of the StormCell 442 series.


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