Water Quality: Environmental Water Systems

Water Quality: Environmental Water Systems

Do you know that your bathroom shower can expose your body to different kinds of dangers if your water is not filtered properly? Well, it can. It has been said that the human body can absorb incalculable amounts of chorine within 10 minutes of bathing under the shower. This can problems for you and your household, And before you argue that your tap water tastes great and does not show any indication of impurities, hear this: Taste is not an absolute guarantee that your water is pure or devoid of impurities. As humans, our vision is limited and we cannot see beyond the scope of our eyes. Therefore, it is impossible to see the level of impurities present in waters that we call clean.

As the greater part of the world’s known diseases are transmitted via water, we need to pay more attention to our water. The only way to do this is to install the EWS environmental Water Systems in our homes. This system will filter the water that goes through the taps and faucets in our homes. By doing this you’ll protect your family and loved ones from dangers associated with water-borne diseases and chemical residues deposited in the water.

What Does EWS Products Do?

EWS environmental Water Systems are water filtration systems that work to remove all kinds of impurities from the water running in your home. While you may not this, the water running through your faucets and taps are not well filtered, and as such should not be ingested or used for any household activities. This includes cooking, drinking, bathing, and other household chores that may expose you to the harmful microbes in the water.

From start to finish, the EWS environmental Water Systems are designed with one thought; to provide true protection from harmful pollutants deposited in water, like Pesticides, pharmaceutical waste, THMs, VOCs, Chloramine, and chlorine. The EWS environmental Water Systems achieve purity in water, by exposing the water to UV and/or any other potent chemical disinfectant. The end product of this effective filtration process is water that tastes good, with heightened purity.

Environmental Water Systems Products

Available EWS Environmental Water Systems

Drinking-Water Filtration System (DWS)

The EWS drinking water filtration system is made purposely for people who want to enjoy premium quality water straight from the comfort of their homes. This EWS environmental Water system model removes taste deposited in your drinking water from the tank, where the water was held before it was dole out to your home and the mineral taste from mineral residues in the water. In addition to that, the DWS filtration system removes chemical residues, chlorine, chloramine, and countless other pollutants from your drinking water to protect you and your family from diseases lurking in the water.

The UV version of the Drinking Water Filtration System is integrated with a powerful Ultraviolet lamp, which is used to treat water in your sink. This system has all the filters of the EWS company, and it is the ideal choice for your sink.

Reverse Osmosis System

If you want to protect yourself and your family from the fluorine content of the city waters, then the EWS environmental Water System is your safest bet. The Reverse Osmosis system removes heavy metallic minerals from tap water, leaving a flatter and purer water devoid of harmful contaminants or impurities. This particular EWS environmental Water System is of two types; the Essential RO3 and the UV-inclusive reverse osmosis system. While they’re both high-performance RO3 EWS environmental Water Systems, there are few variations between them. The latter is integrated with a powerful UV lamp that removes 99.99% of harmful microbes found in water. This product is highly recommended for people with undeveloped or vulnerable immune system.

Water Softener System

Water softener system is another EWS environmental Water Systems. Note, this is not a filtration system and does not include a UV lamp. This system is intended for people who fancy the smooth feeling that is characteristic of soft water.

Water softening process is achieved by introducing sodium or potassium chloride salt to the hard water. In this way, the Ionized calcium in the hard water will be substituted with the ionized metal in the salt. To protect users against potential abuse of the softeners, a digital meter valve is integrated with the softener.

Why Choose EWS

Improve Your Health and Hygiene

The myth that multi-media filtration tanks are the best filtration systems for eliminating microbes, impurities, chlorine, chloramine, and balancing the PH level of the water, all at the same time is a hoax. In fact, it is very far from the truth. In reality, there is only a handful of filtration process with the capacity to eliminate bacteria, viruses, and other harmful microbes in water. You can eliminate microbes from your water by treating the water with chemical disinfectants, Ozone, or UV. The bacteriostatic filtration elements integrated into the multi-media filtration tanks are put there with the predomination that they’ll prevent bacterial from inhibiting the tanks. With the EWS environmental Water Systems Ultraviolet option, you can filter your water effectively, thereby increasing the percentage purity of your water to a whopping 99.9 %.

Protect Your House Plants

You are not the only one at risk of water-borne diseases and contaminations. Your house plants are vulnerable too since the water you use on them comes from the same sink or outlet. By treating your water with the EWS environmental Water Systems you can save your household plants from water-borne diseases, harmful chemicals, and other substances deposited in the water. By installing any of the EWS environmental Water Systems in your sink, you can increase the lifespan of your house plants to unprecedented levels.

Save Money on Plastic Bottles

Why spend another penny on plastic bottles, when you can enjoy 99.9% pure water in the comfort of your home. With the EWS environmental Water Systems in your sink, you’ll never run out of clean water, and there won’t be any need for your monthly subscription to the bottled water company that takes away the greater part of your budget every month. The money you spend every month on these bottles can be invested into something else, and with the EWS environmental Water Systems in your sink, you can save over $500 on your bottle supply, every year. Plastic bottles are not only expensive, but there are also detrimental to the environment. With the whole world driving towards an eco-friendlier society, EWS environmental Water Systems may just be the miracle that will speed up the change. With EWS environmental Water Systems in every home on the planet, plastic bottles will reduce on our landfills and our seas. In this way, one investment in EWS environmental Water System, will protect your wellbeing, help you save money on plastic bottles, and at the same time protect our environment from toxic waste.


Effective water filtration is not a luxury, but a necessity. Keep in mind that your health is on the line, and you are exposing yourself to harmful contaminates, with every ounce of unfiltered water used in your home. Protect yourself and your family by installing the EWS environmental Water Systems in your home today.