Watts 800M4FR 1/2" Freeze Resistant Pressure Vacuum Breaker

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  • MPN #: 800M4-FR
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Series 800M4FR Freeze Resistant Pressure Vacuum Breakers prevent the reverse flow of polluted water from entering into the potable water supply due to back siphonage. They have a bronze body construction, silicone rubber check valve disc, plastic check valve seat, stainless steel springs, a bonnet with silicone rubber O-ring seal, a lightweight plastic disc float, a built-in relief valve to protect the internal components and the body from freezing, tee handle or lever handle shutoffs, and test cocks for winterization draining. Series 800M4FR is ideal in continuous pressure health hazard applications where exposure to sudden freezing conditions such as on irrigation systems and industrial process water systems can occur. Maximum Pressure: 150psi (10.3 bar), Minimum Pressure: 15psi (55kPa).


  • Unique built-in relief valve in plastic float protects assembly during sudden freeze conditions by relieving pressure caused by ice
  • Compact and designed for easy maintenance
  • Test cocks are positioned at lowest point of the valve for easy winterization draining
  • O-ring bonnet seal reduces possibility of fouling
  • 1/2 in
  • Thread