TOTO SW583#01 Washlet S350e Toilet Seat Round with ewater+: White

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The TOTO S350e WASHLET, the ultimate bathroom upgrade! This snazzy bidet seat is perfect for round toilets and comes in both white and beige. This fully automated wonder of a Washlet has a heated seat, four wash modes, two spray options, and an instant water heater for continuous warm water. Plus, it's got a built-in deodorizer gets rid of those nasty smells, no chemicals needed!

Late-night bathroom trips just got easier with the S350e's soft LED nightlight and auto open/close lid. And let's not forget its EWATER+ system for top-notch hygiene. It cleans the bidet wand and nozzles with EWATER+ and premist the toilet bowl, so nothing sticks.

All these features are at your fingertips with a handy remote control. So, if you're ready to add some luxury to your loo, grab the TOTO S350e WASHLET today! Need an elongated version? Check out the TOTO S550e WASHLET.

Features and Benefits

  • Gentle aerated, warm water, dual action spray with cycling movement and massage feature
  • Adjustable water temperature and volume
  • Warm air drying with five variable temperature settings
  • Automatic air deodorizer
  • Wireless remote control
  • Solid plastic with closed front seat and cover
  • Power cord, and water supply hoses
  • Auto open/ close lid with EWATER+
  • Night light
  • ewater+ system, which mists and cleans the bowl with electrolyzed water after every use

Here are some additional details about the features:

  • The ewater+ system uses electrolyzed water to clean the toilet bowl, which is more effective than harsh cleaning chemicals.
  • The warm air drying feature is gentle on the skin and helps to prevent chaffing.
  • The automatic air deodorizer helps to keep the toilet bowl smelling fresh.
  • The wireless remote control allows you to control the seat from anywhere in the bathroom.
  • The night light makes it easy to use the toilet at night without turning on the main light.

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