Toto SW3084#01 WASHLET C5 - Elongated Washlet Bidet Toilet Seat with PREMIST and EWATER+ Wand Cleaning with Standard Remote: Cotton White

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Treat Your Tush with Toto Washlet Elongated Seat with Premist and eWater+ Wand Cleaning

The bidet seat WASHLET C5 includes an easy-to-use remote control with an illuminated touchpad. The PREMIST function sprays the bowl before each use, helping to keep your toilet bowl clean. The C5 provides a satisfying cleansing experience every time. Features High-tech electronic bidet seat Gentle aerated, warm water Dual Action spray with oscillating and pulsating feature Adjustable water temperature and volume Warm air drying with three variable temperature settings Automatic air deodorizer Convenient slim wireless remote, with illuminated touchpad EWATER+ auto cleans wand On-demand remote function cleans the wand with EWATER+ Elongated heated seat with temperature control PREMIST on bowl before each use.

  • Brand: TOTO
  • Product Type: Washlet
  • Color/Finish: Cotton White
  • Material: Plastic
  • Shape: Elongated
  • Warranty: Manufacturer One Year Limited
  • Battery Type: Alkaline
  • Battery Included: Yes
  • Dimensions: 20.875" (L) x 15.0625" (W) x 5.8125" (H)
  • Power Rating: 120 Volts, 60 Hertz, 403W
  • Temp. Range: 32ºF – 104ºF (0ºC – 40ºC)
  • Premist wets the toilet bowl surface before each use to prevent waste from sticking to the surface, resulting in a better clean
  • Wand self-cleans inside and out with eWater+ advanced technology
  • Adjustable front and rear warm water washing with five temperature and pressure settings, including oscillating and pulsing stream options
  • Automatic air deodorizer removes and neutralizes odors while sitting on the seat
  • Heated seat and warm air dryer with five variable settings
  • SoftClose function built into the lid and seat
  • Streamlined design, elongated front Washlet bidet toilet seat
  • Quick release, easy seat removal for simplified cleaning of Washlet and toilet
  • Includes mounting and connection hardware
  • Convenient slim wireless remote, with illuminated touchpad and 2 user memory to save preferred settings

Easy Installation:

  1. Step 1 - Remove your current seat.
  2. Step 2 - Install the WASHLET base plate. The rubber grommets can be lubricated with water if needed. Tighten the screws completely.
  3. Step 3 - Slide the WASHLET onto the base plate. Check the fit on your toilet and readjust the base plate as needed. A quick release button on the right-hand side allows for easy removal.
  4. Step 4 - Connect the tee connector to your fill valve inlet. Connect the WASHLET hose and reconnect the water supply hose.

The Toto SW3084#01 WASHLET C5 is an elegant and dependable elongated washlet bidet toilet seat. It offers a refreshing and hygienic experience with its adjustable warm water spray, oscillating option, and dual-action cleaning. The soft-close heated bidet seat, air deodorizer, and warm air dryer enhance comfort and convenience. With features like PREMIST and EWATER+ wand cleaning, this washlet ensures cleanliness and easy maintenance. The C5 model also comes with a user-friendly remote control and top-notch customer service support. Experience luxury and cleanliness with the Toto WASHLET C5.

How does PREMIST work?

PREMIST is a feature of the Toto SW3084#01 WASHLET C5 that automatically sprays water over the surface of the inner toilet bowl before every use. This helps prevent waste from sticking by using the incoming water supply to mist the toilet bowl before each use. Due to the ceramic’s hydrophilic nature, waste washes away more easily. Less dirt generally sticks to moist ceramic than dry ceramic. The PREMIST function ensures the greatest possible hygiene from the very first moment. The toilet bowl is sprayed with water prior to use. This film of water over the CEFIONTECT glaze helps eliminate dirt and waste 80% better with each flush.

How does EWATER+ work?

EWATER+ is an environmentally friendly technology that returns to ordinary tap water after two hours. It enables you to use fewer harsh chemicals and detergents to clean the toilet bowl or WASHLET bidet wand, saving you time and money. The Toto SW3084#01 WASHLET C5 uses electrolyzed water generated by a technologically advanced process, transforming the water into a safe and powerful compound. By misting the bowl after every use, the EWATER+ technology helps to keep your toilet bowl clean and hygienic without any extra harsh chemicals. EWATER+ itself doesn’t produce any harmful and extra chemicals, and you can use fewer harsh detergents to clean the bowl and bidet.

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