Taco Pumps, Parts, & Accessories

For over a century, the family-owned Taco Comfort Solutions, based in Cranston, RI, has been engineering and manufacturing high-efficiency heating, cooling, and plumbing systems that save customers time, energy, and money. By embracing its history while continuing to innovate for the future, Taco pumps and plumbing accessories remain among the most dependable on the market today.

Taco Circulator Pumps

For anyone who wants instant hot water flowing from their faucets, a Taco circulator pump is a must-have. Not only will products like the SmartPlus Taco Hot Water Recirculating Pump or cast iron Taco circulator pump deliver hot water in an instant throughout your home, but a Taco recirculation pump will keep the heated water flowing through the plumbing system so that it’s immediately accessible, while also help you save thousands of gallons a year in wasted cold water.

Taco Pump Parts

If you already have a Taco recirculation pump/Taco boiler pump and need a replacement part, or you want to upgrade with an accessory, we have an extensive inventory to browse from. From Taco Replacement Flange Gasketsto a Taco 3-Way Zone Sentry Valve, which provides an on-off control in both open and closed hydronic systems, Plumbing Deals has the Taco pump parts that you need. is a reliable, cost-effective source for all your Taco pumps, parts and accessories!