State Water Heater GS6-100-XRRT Proline 98 Gallon, Residential Gas Water Heater

  • SKU #: STATE100RES
  • MPN #: GS6-100-XRRT
MSRP: $6,877.50
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Never Run Out of Hot Water Again with the State Water Heater GS6-100-XRRT

Experience the luxury of endless hot water with the State Water Heater GS6-100-XRRT. This high-recovery gas water heater boasts a massive 98-gallon tank and a powerful 75,000 BTU burner, ensuring you'll always have enough hot water for even the most demanding households.

  • Brand: State
  • MPN: GS6-100-XRRT
  • Application: Residential Gas Water Heater
  • Capacity: 98 gallons
  • Tank Material: Glass Lined
  • Type: Tall
  • Power Source: Natural Gas
  • Diameter: 27-3/4"
  • Height: 65"
  • Maximum BTUs: 75,100
  • Applicable Standard: ANSI Z21.10.1, CSA 4.1, ASME, NAECA, UBC, CEC, SBCC, CABO, BOCA, HUD

Upgrade your home with the State Water Heater GS6-100-XRRT for an exceptional hot water experience. Say goodbye to lukewarm showers and unexpected cold water surprises. This reliable and high-performing water heater features a 98-gallon tank and a 75,100 BTU propane burner, delivering an impressive recovery rate of 81 gallons per hour. With its accurate and dependable control system, there's no need for electric connections. The patented exo-friendly burner design reduces NOx emissions by up to 33%, making it environmentally friendly. Additionally, the GS6-100-XRRTL Atmospheric Vent comes with a 10-year limited tank warranty and meets Low NOx emission requirements. Experience endless comfort and peace of mind with the State Water Heater GS6-100-XRRT.

This gas water heater delivers a staggering 81 gallons of hot water per hour, making it ideal for large families or frequent hot water users. It meets strict environmental standards with ultra-low NOx emissions while providing efficient heating. Achieve an impressive thermal efficiency of 80% and start saving money on your energy bills.

  • Commercial-grade steel tank: Built to withstand the test of time.
  • High-density fiberglass insulation: Minimizes heat loss and saves energy.
  • 10-year limited warranty: Provides peace of mind and ensures your investment is protected.
  • Atmospheric draft design: Simple and reliable installation.
  • Multiple vent options: Choose the configuration that best suits your needs.
  • Quiet operation: Enjoy a peaceful home environment.
  • Draft Hood Outlet/Vent Size: 4 in
  • Anode: Coregard Sacrificial Anode
  • T&P Relief Valve: Yes
  • Ignition Type: Piezo push button ignitor
  • Water Connection Location: Top
  • Water Connection Size: 1-1/4 inch
  • Gas Connection: 1/2 inch
  • Emissions: Low NOx
  • First Hour Rating: 170
  • UEF: 0.58
  • Standby Loss BTUs per Hour: 998
  • Limited Tank and Parts Warranty: 6 Years
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