Sloan 3317005 R-1005-A 1.0 GPF Regal Urinal Master Repair Kit

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  • MPN #: 3317005
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When it comes to optimizing the functionality and water efficiency of your urinal, the Sloan 3317005 R-1005-A Master Repair Kit is the ultimate solution. This comprehensive kit is purpose-built to breathe new life into your urinal, ensuring it operates flawlessly, conserves water, and minimizes the need for costly repairs.

Sloan Urinal Repair Kit

  • Brand: Sloan
  • Product #: R1005A (3317005)
  • Includes: Drop-In Kit, Handle Repair Kit, O-Ring, Vacuum Break Repair Kit, Rubber Diaphragm Kit
  • Material: Plastic and rubber to withstand daily use
  • 3.6" x 3" x 3.6"
  • For 1.0 GPF urinal flushometer
  • Ensure comprehensive repairs and peak urinal performance
  • Contribute to water conservation, reduced utility costs, and a greener environment
  • Dependable components designed for long-lasting reliability
  • Proactive maintenance to prevent leaks, water wastage, and unexpected expenses
  • Regal flushometer rebuild kit
  • Genuine Sloan parts to ensure reliability and dependability

Choose Sloan For All Your Urinal Needs

Introducing the Sloan R-1005-A Regal Urinal Diaphragm Repair Master Kit, specially designed for manual toilets with a flush valve type of 1.0GPF. This comprehensive kit is equipped to service all Sloan diaphragm type flushometers, ensuring optimal performance. Inside, you'll find essential components such as the relief valve, molded disc, diaphragm and guide assembly, vacuum breaker kit, handle repair kit, and stop tail O-ring. The diaphragm assembly, featuring a flexible rubber disc, regulates pressure and effectively seals the valve seat after each flush.

Urinal flush-valve diaphragm repair parts are essential kits designed to replace diaphragm-type assemblies within a urinal flush valve (flushometer). By utilizing these kits, you can effortlessly restore proper flushing and sealing functionality. The diaphragm assembly plays a crucial role in regulating the pressure inside the valve, utilizing a flexible rubber disc (diaphragm) to ensure a secure seal after each flush. However, over time, a worn or warped diaphragm can lead to issues such as sticking, preventing proper flushing, or failure to seal, resulting in continuous water flow. With our retro kits, also referred to as inside parts kits or drop-in kits, you not only receive a new diaphragm but also other necessary components to complete the repair. Upgrade your urinal flush valve with confidence and put an end to any flushing or sealing problems.

Experience improved efficiency and water conservation with the Sloan 3317005 R-1005-A Master Repair Kit. Eliminate leaks, reduce water consumption, and avoid unexpected repairs. Upgrade your plumbing system with this comprehensive repair kit for a more efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally-conscious solution. Don't miss out on the opportunity to enhance your urinal's performance and save resources in the process.

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