Sloan 3317004 R-1004-A 1.6 GPF Regal Watercloset Master Repair Kit

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When it comes to maintaining the efficiency and performance of your water closet, the Sloan 3317004 R-1004-A Master Repair Kit is the ultimate solution. This comprehensive kit is specifically designed to breathe new life into your water closet, ensuring it functions flawlessly, conserves water, and minimizes the need for costly repairs.

A Master Repair Kit

  • Brand: Sloan
  • Part #: R1004A (3317004)
  • Use with: 1.6 Gallons per Flush/6.0 Liters per Flush flushometers
  • Material: Metal, rubber
  • For flush valve type: Manual
  • Includes: rubber diaphragm kit (relief valve, molded disc, guide assembly, and diaphragm), vacuum breaker repair kit, handle repair kit and an O-ring
  • Ensure comprehensive repairs and optimal water closet performance
  • Contribute to water conservation, reduced utility costs, and a greener environment
  • Proactive maintenance reduces risk of leaks, water wastage, and unexpected expenses
  • Regal flushometer rebuild kit

Trust Sloan For Optimal Performance

Introducing the authentic Sloan parts kit, meticulously crafted to cater to all Sloan diaphragm type flushometers. This comprehensive kit comprises essential components like the relief valve, molded disc, diaphragm, and guide assembly. It also includes the vacuum breaker kit, handle repair kit, and stop tail o-ring. Rest assured, this kit guarantees optimal performance and hassle-free maintenance for your Sloan flushometers.

Toilet flush-valve tailpiece and stop repair parts are crucial components for replacing the fittings that connect a flush valve (flushometer) to the water supply and effectively control the flow through the valve. These tailpieces are expertly designed couplings and sleeves that seamlessly fit between the flush valve and the water pipe, ensuring optimal performance. Meanwhile, the stops boast a convenient screw mechanism that allows for precise adjustment of water pressure, guaranteeing proper flushing and effortless control of flow during maintenance. If you notice any leaks or a loss of flow control and pressure adjustability, it may be time to consider replacing these essential tailpieces and stops to restore peak functionality.

Ensure efficient and sustainable water usage with the Sloan 3317004 R-1004-A Master Repair Kit. This comprehensive plumbing solution restores your water closet's efficiency, prevents water wastage, and promotes water conservation. Upgrade your plumbing system for a more cost-effective and environmentally-friendly solution.

The kits are application specific so please verify the correct usage (toilet or urinal) and gallons per flush (GPF).