Sloan H-700-A 3308384 3/4" Slip Joint Screwdriver Angle Stop

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Control Stop

1� NPTF inlet for adjustable tail

H-700 Series Bak-Chek� control stops and replacement parts.

Replaces H-600 and H-540 Series control stops.

The �Common Stop�

In 1996, Sloan began using the H-700 series of control stops with all flushometers. This �common stop� offers 3/4� and 1� supply inlet size options, yet uses a single repair kit for both urinal and water closet stops.

This change primarily affects the H-700 series 3/4� stops, which now use the same repair kit as 1� stops. Repair kits for the smaller H-540 and H-600 3/4� stops remain available and are included in this section.

The �common stop� body offers precise control over flow rates delivered through the valve. This feature is important, especially for 1-gallon urinal designs. This finite flow adjustment makes the difference between a proper flush and an ineffective flush that splashes and spills.

The �common stop� internal components are interchangeable with their counterparts in older H-600 and H-540 stops. The distinctively contoured seat plug in the �common stop� allows a finer flow rate adjustment similar to that of a needle valve. Unlike natural rubber components that can be destroyed by water treatment products, our synthetic Permex� rubber seat plugs resist the effects of chloramines. Our stop spring, formerly brass, is now constructed of stainless steel. This helps prevent corrosion from the increasingly aggressive water supplies we see today.

All complete �common stops� now have bonnets stamped with an H-700 series number. Both exposed and concealed wheel handle stops are stamped H-700-WH series. The H-740 and H-780 stops that replace the H-540 series stops used with Regal valves are stamped H-740 series.

Sloan supplies control stops in two basic inlet sizes:

  1. 3/4� NPTF � For most urinal flushometers
  2. 1� NPTF � For all water closet flushometers and blow-out urinal flushometers

Control stops are also available in some models with the following inlets for specialized and export applications:

  1. 1� Whitworth thread
  2. 1� BSP British Standard Pipe inlet
  3. 1� NSPM Straight thread � for use with shipboard Sil-Braz fittings

Tailpiece Connections

The majority of flushometers supplied by Sloan since 1964 feature an adjustable tailpiece. Connection of the valve tailpiece to the control stop is made with a sliding O-ring seal.

Older valves (produced before 1964), and valves furnished for salt-water installations, and all straight stops utilized a metal-to-metal ground joint (GJ) connection.

When replacing an older stop, it is important to note which type of stop connection is required.

Stops for use with salt water must be made from Naval brass.