Tips and Tricks: ​How To Change A Faucet

Tips and Tricks: ​How To Change A Faucet

1.Turn off the water supply. It is most likely below the sink. The shutoff valve has an oval handle.

2.Turn on the faucet to drain out all the remaining water

3.Remove the water lines from the shutoff valves

4.Disconnect and remove the lift rod from the drain

5.Lift and remove the faucet

6.If you are keeping the same sink clean around the holes where the old faucet was

7.Make sure when purchasing a new faucet that you purchase a faucet with the same number of holes

8.Place your new faucet into the corresponding holes

9.Follow the manufacturer’s directions

10.Make sure to not forget to put the gaskets on to faucet before installation to avoid leaks

11.Insert the lift rod in the faucet

12.Push the horizontal rod down and tighten the lift rod to the strap with the screw

13.Connect the water lines to the faucet shanks

14.Tighten the water lines

15.Tighten the water lines to the valve

16.Remove the aerator

17.Turn on the supply valves below the sink

18.Turn on the faucet and flush it with hot and cold water for two minutes

19.Turn off the faucet

20.Reconnect the aerator

21.Congrats you are done!