Buying Guide: Choosing a Medicine Cabinet for Your Bathroom

Buying Guide: Choosing a Medicine Cabinet for Your Bathroom

When considering how to choose a medicine cabinet for your bathroom, you need to think about exactly what your bathroom needs. The medicine cabinets of today are quite different than what you may have seen in the past. They are chock full of beneficial features, such as electric and USB outlets for charging your toothbrush or electric razor, defoggers to keep the mirror fog-free for immediate use after a shower, and some even have interior lighting!

Choosing the right medicine cabinet to serve your needs requires a delicate balance between form and function. In this blog, we’ll examine what to consider when shopping for medicine/mirrored cabinets for your bathroom.

When it comes to bathroom organization, a medicine cabinet is a game-changer. Not only does it keep your essentials neatly tucked away, but it also adds style and functionality to your space. With so many options available, finding the right medicine cabinet can be overwhelming. But fear not! In this guide, we'll walk you through everything you need to know to choose the perfect medicine cabinet for your bathroom.

Assess Your Bathroom Space

Before you start looking into medicine cabinets, why not take a moment to assess your bathroom space? Measure the area where you want to put the cabinet to make sure it fits just right. Think about the height, width, and depth to find a cabinet that matches your bathroom's dimensions perfectly.

The location usually determines the function, with cabinets being surface-mounted or recessed into the wall. In most cases, customers prefer the recessed option. However, sometimes, you can't recess a cabinet because of pipes or ducts in the wall. Check your condo or co-op rules as well; they might not allow recessing into common area walls. Recessing in a poured concrete or plaster wall could also be tricky and costly.

A showroom pro can help you figure out where to place the cabinet and if there are any restrictions on recessing. If you go with a surface-mounted cabinet, remember that the whole body will be visible. To conceal the edges, consider using mirrors or wood that matches your vanity.

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Determine Your Storage Needs

When selecting storage for your medicine cabinet, consider what items you'll store. Need space for large shampoo bottles or prefer a compact solution for meds and toiletries? Think about the number of shelves to suit your needs comfortably.

Don't forget storage capacity when choosing a medicine cabinet—more space is better in a bathroom. Installing a medicine cabinet boosts storage. Factors like storage needs, bathroom size, design, and personal preferences impact the decision. Homeowners often choose medicine cabinets over wall mirrors for added storage, especially recessed options.

To measure a medicine cabinet, start by measuring the wall space. Cabinet depth is typically 4 inches but options of 6 or 8 inches are available. Depth is based on storage needs; a 6-inch cabinet holds more, including toilet paper, than a 4-inch one. An 8-inch cabinet offers additional space for towels and more.

Consider cabinet width for functionality and aesthetics. Cabinets range from 12 to 60 inches and can be combined for larger units. Width, depth, and height should align with existing cabinets. A larger cabinet might need adjustments. Evaluate both the overall width and rough-in dimensions. Width is the glass width, while rough-in dimension indicates the box width. The rough-in dimension specifies the wall cutout size needed for a recessed cabinet installation.

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Choose a Style that Matches Your Décor

Medicine cabinets offer a diverse range of styles to seamlessly align with your personal taste and bathroom decor preferences. If your bathroom boasts a contemporary aesthetic, you might want to lean towards a mirrored cabinet that not only provides a sleek appearance but also increases the sense of space. On the other hand, for individuals drawn to a more traditional ambiance, wooden cabinets exude a timeless allure, infusing the space with elegance and a cozy feel. Dive into the myriad of options available to discover the ideal match that resonates with the ambiance of your bathroom setting.

Consider Materials and Durability

When choosing a medicine cabinet for your bathroom, opt for one made from sturdy materials that can handle the moisture. Consider stainless steel or solid wood cabinets for lasting quality and appeal.

To explore different bathroom medicine cabinet ideas, start with the material and style you prefer. The medicine cabinets in our showroom stand out for their practicality and innovative design. Cabinets come in various materials like wood, metal, or polymers, each with unique shapes, sizes, and mirror designs. You'll find framed or frameless options, arched, square, or multi-sided shapes, and glass with or without beveled edges. Inside, shelves can be glass, plastic, or metal, adjustable or fixed - offering flexibility in design and function.

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Think About Additional Features

Enhance the functionality of your medicine cabinet with additional features that cater to your needs. Consider integrating built-in lighting options for better visibility, adjustable shelves to accommodate varying storage requirements, and even the convenience of integrated electrical outlets for charging devices or using appliances. These thoughtful additions not only elevate your daily routine by making it more convenient and efficient but also bring a touch of luxury to your bathroom space.

Budget Considerations

Setting a budget for your medicine cabinet purchase and sticking to it is crucial for a cost-effective and fulfilling shopping experience. While the allure of luxurious features may be strong, exploring the wide array of affordable options available can lead to discovering products that not only boast quality construction but also exude stylish design elements, enhancing both the functionality and aesthetics of your space. Remember, a well-thought-out budget can guide you towards a satisfying purchase that meets your needs and complements your home decor seamlessly.

Choosing the perfect medicine cabinet for your bathroom becomes a breeze when you know what to look for. Consider factors like size, storage needs, style, materials, additional features, and budget to find the ideal cabinet that enhances both functionality and aesthetics. Explore the wide selection of high-quality medicine cabinets at Plumbing Deals to transform your bathroom into a stylish and organized oasis. Whether you're replacing an existing cabinet with a wider one or selecting for new construction or a renovation project, make sure to arrange framing adjustments in the wall to accommodate the cabinet's size. With numerous options available, balancing form and function is key when selecting a medicine cabinet. The best cabinet choice for your new bath? It's all yours to decide! Dive into your options here and pick the cabinet that suits your needs.