Buying Guide: California Faucet Zero Drains

Buying Guide: California Faucet Zero Drains

With millions of products circulating on the internet every day, finding the right products for your daily needs can be difficult to achieve. That problem multiplies when your desired products have a lot of lookalikes on the internet. That’s not the case with Zero Drains. While there are hundreds of seemingly quality drainage solutions in the market, not all of them are worth your time or money. To tell you the truth, not all shiny things are valuable. However, California Faucet Zero Drain stands out from the bunch, as the most dependable and functional drain solution of the 21st century.

From the structural design to the finishing, California Faucet Zero Drain proves its superiority as a product, and so deserves every penny invested on it. California Faucet Zero Drain does not clog easily and it levels well with the sink. This drain product is not only functional and reliable, but it also offers aesthetic appeal. Owing to its flat surface, California Faucet Zero Drain prevents proprietors from tripping and falling in the bath. Making it the safest drain solution to install in your home sink and bath.

California Faucet Zero Drain as a Revolutionary Sink Drain

Perhaps you are wondering what the big deal is with California Faucet Zero Drain, the seemingly simple bathroom fixture that has caused a big ripple in the sink drain market. If that’s the case, then your search is over. Before you exhaust the contents of this page, you would have learned all that you need to know about the first pop-down drain patented to California Faucet.

Zero Drain is a simple sink fixture that is fitted into the sinkholes to prevent or allow free passage of water out of the sink. Unlike the traditional pop-up drain, which permits water passage down the drain by popping up the inbuilt stopper, the Zero Drain stopper stays flush with the sink while letting water down the drain. This way, the basin can maintain its sleek elegant appearance without getting clogged up.

California Faucet Zero Drain, offers a lot of benefits when it comes to interior design and house décor. Aside from the fact that it is the sleekest sink drain on the planet, it is also easy to use. In addition to that, it comes in over 30 artisan finishes; giving you a lot of options to browse for your interior design. Here are some of the areas where California Zero Drain stands out from the traditional pop-up sink drains that are available in the market today.


A while ago, California Faucet Zero Drain was named “best of year interior design”, for its impeccable structural design. In addition to that, Better Homes and Gardens listed it among the 30 most innovative products in the market. But before you jump into conclusion thinking all these accolades and titles are as a result of its sleek appearance, here’s what specifiers and designers have to say about Zero Drain.

The flush design of California Faucet Zero Drain removes the stresses and hassles associated with sink drain installation. This is because the structural design of the Zero Drain sits well with all sink types, regardless of whether the sink has overflow holes or not. In consequence, designers and specifies won’t have to stress or waste valuable time looking for the perfect sink for their projects.California Faucets 9050ZB-PC ZeroDrain Pop-Down Style Lavatory Drain: Chrome

Each design of the California Faucet Zero Drain is handcrafted by professional handicrafts workers in the United States. Hence, its faultless design and sleek appearance. Depending on your preference for your sink, you can choose between the 30 plus artisan designs; each with its own unique element.

As a replacement for the traditional plug stopper design that ruins the overall design of most sinks, California Faucet Zero Drain comes with a push stopper. With Zero Drain, you won’t need to pop up your drain stopper, or plug it into the sinkhole to stop water from going down the drain. All you have to do is to push down the flush stopper in the middle of the Zero Drain design and water flow will stop. If you want to let go of the water in the sink, push down the stopper a second time. 


This product is patented to California Faucet, a company that has created a lot of innovative drain solutions in the past and is well committed to creating beautiful yet functional drain products for the good people of California and the entire world. So it isn’t too surprising that the Zero Drain product line functions with 100% efficiency. Indeed, this sink drain solution is better than most (if not all) of the other sink drain solutions that are available in the market today. This product is so functional, that a professional plumber can install it within 2 minutes.

The installation process for most pop-up drains that are available in the world today, comes with a lot of stresses. But you can eliminate those stresses by using a Zero Drain system for your sinks. Zero Drain systems are made up of two separable pieces. During installation, the first piece is inserted into the sinkhole and the second piece is threaded onto the first, from under the sink. You won’t have to do anything else after fastening the second piece to the first. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the faultless design of the Zero Drain.


Designers and specifiers love this product because of the stress-free installation that the structural design offers. However, that’s not the main standpoint of the California faucet Zero Drain. In addition to the aesthetic appeal that the Zero Drain offers, it also offers stress-free maintenance to proprietors.

With California Faucet Zero Drain installed in your sink, you won’t have to stress over maintenance. Unlike the traditional sink drain solution, California Faucet Zero Drain cannot be clogged. If you feel the need to wash the Zero Drain, unplug the stopper; that section that goes into the drain. Then flush with clean water. That’s all. Easy right? Well, that’s what the California Faucet Zero Drain offers; a stress-free sink drain solution and a focal point of your interior design.


With the plethora of amazing benefits that Zero Drain offers, it is almost expected that it will cost a lot more than its forerunners. But that is not 100% accurate. Even though the Zero Drain is pricier than most of the sink drain solutions that are available in the market, it is still a cost-effective fixture for your sink. In fact, some might even say that the current pricing of the Zero Drain solution is a total giveaway, for the premium quality it delivers. Bottom line is that you’ll get the value for your investment. If you want to invest in a sink drain solution that will last long term without the occasional need for maintenance or repairs, then you should invest in California Faucet Zero Drain.


We have seen many sink drain solutions in the past; some good; some great. But none compares to California Faucet Zero Drain. This revolutionary sink drain solution has all you need and more in terms of function and design. An investment in California Faucet Zero Drain may very well be an investment of a lifetime.