Mr. Steam

Mr. Steam

Are you looking to spice up your life . . . Experiencing boring unrelaxing showers? 

Steam Shower Packages are the New & Improved way to relax!

Asking yourself Why Steam??

Wondering what benefits come from using steam in the shower... Well the science behind it says steam is for wellness.

Helps Relieve stress - Encourages relaxation & fosters a sense of wellbeing.

May Relieve Allergy Symptoms - Opens nasal passages and improves breathing.

Promotes Deep, Restful Sleep - May help increase the length of REM cycles during sleep.

Cleanses Skin - Opens pores and leaves skin with a healthy glow, may even help with acne. 

Improves Performance - Loosens stiff muscles, reduces soreness, and helps break down lactic acid in the muscles.

Eco-Friendly - A 15-min steam shower consumes just two gallons of water-compared to 40 for a conventional bath.

Improves Circulation - May help relieve symptoms of arthritis and helps reduce pain. 

Burns Calories - Boosts your metabolism and burns up to 150 calories per session. 

Enhances your Shave - Softens and lubricates skin for a smoother shave. 

iDream Package

Wanting the Complete Steam Shower Experience... look into this sophisticated package which offers you the ultimate trifecta of relaxing therapies: ChromaTherapy, AromaTherapy, and MuiscTherapy. Sounds like your Decision is already made!  

The steam package that dreams are made of. Create your own all inclusive wellness retreat, controlled by iSteam3, the heartbeat of your everyday escape.​

iButler Package

All-In-One Touchscreen system that is ready to install...Check out this package with Mr. Steams iSteam3 touchscreen control, everything you need. 

Airbutler Package

Wireless, All-In-One ready to install steam shower package, this package features Mr. Steams AirTempo wireless control. Everyting you need with a touch of a button. 

Butler Package

Classic steam shower package, contains the classic iTempoPlus control which is paired to create an All-In-One steam shower package. 

Basic Butler Package

Basic steam shower install package, features the classic iTempoControl and comes in 10 different designer finished. Pair this with a matching steam shower head and watch your shower transform. 

Breathe.  Scent.  Bliss.  Relaxation.

Change how your senses have the power to affect your mood. Transform your normal bath into a steam bath infused with delightful, invigorating, aromatic fragrances.

Different aroma for different moods. The AromaSteam System is the most effortless and effective way to infuse Mr. Steam's essential oils into your shower and home.