Infinity Drain

Infinity Drain

Looking for a Power Shower or a Relaxing Bath!

Infinity Drain helps create an indulgent environment that is stress free without water management issues.

Talk about an Environment to Appreciate!

For over a decade, Infinity Drain has established itself as a leader in design-centric architectural shower drains with a reputation of unsurpassed quality. From hand polishing decorative grates to custom fabrication – all at the exacting specifications of customers, Infinity Drain offers the broadest selection of decorative choices and installation options.


Its award-winning designs and innovations, including the Site Sizable® linear drain, continue to shape barrier-free bathroom design. Infinity Drain is revolutionizing bathroom installation with its completely waterproof Stainless Steel Shower Base backed with an original owner lifetime guarantee.


Infinity Drain products are proudly fabricated in Long Island, NY, USA. MADE IN THE USA



Variables to Consider when Choosing the right drain. . .

- What is the flow rate of the shower valve? (i.e. how much water is being drained?)

- Are there multiple shower valves?

- What is the water pressure of PSI of the site location?

- How many water fixtures? (i.e. shower heads, hand shower, body sprays, etc.?)

- Will the fixtures operate at the local plumbing code's legal gallons per minute?

- Will the flow restrictors be removed from the fixtures?

Types of Installs


Not Wall-to-Wall

Against a Wall

Threshold Install

Barrier-Free Install


Linear Fixed Drains


Sleek. . . Luxurious. . . Brilliance. . . Three words that stand out when you hear Infinity Drain. Bath Designs have been improved to a new ultimate high. Infinity Drain is known for placing a new refreshing perspective on the way you create your space.

Selecting Linear Drain by Series

Traditional - Waterproofing

Site Sizable [S], Fixed Length [FX]


Liquid/Fabric - Waterproofing

Fixed Flange [FF]. Side Outlet [FT]


Schluter Kerdi - Waterproofing

Flange with Schluter Kerdi [FCS]


Traditional and Liquid/Fabric

Double Waterproofing [FCB]


Traditional or Liquid/Fabric

Universal [U] 



Steps to Removing Grate for Cleaning


1. Insert Lift-out Key into one end of the grate. Do not pull from the center of the grate. 


2. Pull up, raise the grate out of the channel on one end and remove completely to clean all the hair or debris out.


3. Remove the hair basket and clean the inside of the channel and basket with a soft brush of towel and mild soap & water. Replace the hair basket and then the linear grate on top of it. 


How Often Should I Clean it?

Keep your Linear Drain clean by wiping it down with a soft towel 1-2 times per month. (Depending on the frequency of use.)

There are 3 Ways Surface Rusting Can Happen:

- Mechanical abrasion by using steel wool, wire brushes, scrapers, etc. 

- Hard Water can cause issues.

- Chlorides such as bleach, salt water, and or table salt. 

Featured Products

Slot Linear Drain


This drain provides a narrow 3/8 inch drainage gap that virtually disappears into its surroundings. Available in a range of finishes. 



Universal Infinity Drain


Designed to install with traditional or modern waterproofing techniques. The channel allows traditional vinyl or Chloraloy to be mechanically fastened to the drain channel. 

Low Profile Site Sizable


Infinity Drain further simplifies the shower installation process with its Sizeable Linear Drain. The drain's lower profile helps minimize the floor height needed to achieve a curbless entry. 

FCS Series


The FCS Series pre-affixed with Schluter Kerdi facbric offers seamless installation and a system warranty backed by Infinity Drain and Schluter. 



Stainless Shower Base


Over 42 different sku's for Center Drain or Linear Drains, five finishes and seven different styles for the Infinity Drain Stainless Shower Baase. Integrate for either curb or curbless showers. 

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