Since 1901, Hansgrohe has produced some of the finest plumbing fixtures the industry has to offer, priding themselves on their first-class products, outstanding design, sustainable production, and strong service. Hansgrohe faucets and other products are made to last with designs that function exceptionally well while inspiring those who use them with a vision of what their relationship with water can be.

Hansgrohe Products - Kitchen and Bathroom Fixtures That are Built to Last

When it comes to plumbing fixtures for your kitchen and bathroom, Hansgrohe products are first-class fixtures that feature inspiring designs that function exceptionally well and are built to last. Whether it’s a Hansgrohe shower system or Hansgrohe faucet for your kitchen, their high-quality products are user-friendly, easy to install, and will absolutely improve your daily routine.

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Hansgrohe Shower System

When you opt for a Hansgrohe shower system, you can rest assured you’re getting beautifully designed products like the Raindance Downpour Air Hansgrohe Shower Head. In addition, Hansgrohe is noted for its technological innovations, including:

  • AirPower Technology
  • CoolStart Taps
  • CoolContact Technology
  • EcoSmart Technology
  • Rainfinity Showers.


Rainfinity completely changes the showering experience, immersing you in a torrent of strong yet delicate water. The all-encompassing stream of water released from a Rainfinity Hansgrohe shower head or hand shower helps wake you up in the morning and take a deep breath after a long day. With three different spray settings, you have plenty of options to help you relax, get the shampoo out of your hair, massage tight muscles, and give you a deeper clean than other showerheads. The sleek design and unique finishes will ensure that your bathroom will both look and feel spectacular from any angle. Once you experience the pleasure of the Rainfinity, you’ll never be content with a standard shower again.

Experience the Timeless European Style of Hansgrohe Faucets

No matter if it’s a Hansgrohe kitchen faucet that you’re after or something to complement the vanity in the bathroom, Hansgrohe faucets invoke a timeless, classic European style. In fact, the first thing Hansgrohe began manufacturing back in Germany in 1901 was their bathroom faucets! Today, fixtures like the Hansgrohe Metris HighArc Kitchen 2 Spray faucet, with a chrome finish, and the nickel-brushed Hansgrohe Talis Widespread Bathroom Faucet, are among the most popular of Hansgrohe faucet models.

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