Since 1901, Hansgrohe has produced some of the finest plumbing fixtures the industry has to offer. Hansgrohe prides itself on its first-class products, outstanding design, sustainable production, and strong service. Hansgrohe’s products are made to last with designs that function exceptionally well while inspiring those who use them with a vision of what their relationship with water can be.

When you purchase a Hansgrohe product, you are purchasing a high-quality product on four dimensions: product, design, production, and service. These layers of quality ensure that the products you buy are not only built to last, they will also be user friendly, easy to install, and add value to your daily routine. The designs will outlast fast-moving trends and fads while embodying sustainability through both the materials used in the products and the working conditions of those who make them. And if you ever have a question, need support, or are looking to do more, Hansgrohe and its sales partners will be there for you every step of the way.

When you’re doing a bathroom project, the last thing you’re thinking about is what is going on in your walls. That is why Hansgrohe invented the iBox, a top of the line shower valve that ensures long-lasting performance and worry-free enjoyment of your bathroom. The Hansgrohe iBox Universal Plus Rough makes both new construction and renovation projects much easier than older valve systems. This valve is designed to fit between all standard stud openings and works with any standard size pipe. Its compatibility with most Hansgrohe and Axor shower trims makes it simple to create a custom shower for any look and feel.

Rainfinity completely changes the showering experience, immersing you in a torrent of strong yet delicate water. The all-encompassing stream of water released from a Rainfinity showerhead or hand shower helps wake you up in the morning and take a deep breath after a long day. With three different spray settings, you have plenty of options to help you relax, get shampoo out of your hair, massage tight muscles, and give you a deeper clean than other showerheads. The sleek design and unique finishes will ensure that your bathroom will both look and feel spectacular from any angle. Once you experience the pleasure of Rainfinity, you’ll never be content with a standard shower again.


Whenever quality bathroom fixtures are needed, Hansgrohe is often the first choice for many consumers and contractors. Founded in Germany in 1901, Hansgrohe began with the manufacturing of their world-renowned Hansgrohe bathroom faucets before venturing into other product lines.

Hansgrohe bathroom faucets and Hansgrohe kitchen faucets are found in many households and invoke a classic, European architectural style. Evolution and innovation have been at the company's core and it’s that vision that has led them to be one of the most successful faucet manufacturers in the world.

Hansgrohe is known not only for its groundbreaking hand showers, but for their beautifully designed products, button-powered shower systems, and elegant two-in-one fixtures. Some of the key innovations of Hansgrohe include:

  • AirPower technology
  • CoolContact technology
  • CoolStart taps
  • EcoSmart technology
  • Rainfinity showers

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