Cash Acme 19600-0000LF - VB-222 Series 3/4 inch Self Draining Vacuum Breaker w/ Locking Screw

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VB-222 Details

The VB-222 vacuum breaker valve is designed to prevent dangerous back-siphonage and backflow into a potable water supply system. It automatically self-drains when all attachments are removed completely from the valve�s outlet which protects the valve and faucet from freezing and rupturing in cold weather.

The self-draining feature also makes this valve �freeze-resistant� thus protecting the valve and hydrant from rupturing in cold weather. Specifically designed for use around homes, schools, commercial buildings, laboratories and any place involving moveable hoses attached to threaded faucets.

When a hose is connected to the VB-222 Backflow Preventer, the piston is pushed up into the operating position and the pusher post moves against the seat disc (no flow condition). When flow is introduced, the pusher post and seat disc move downward allowing flow through the valve and sealing the drain holes.

Under a backflow or back-siphonage condition, the check subassembly remains seated against the inlet, opening the drain holes to permit water to escape without entering the potable water supply.

When all attachments to the VB-222 are removed, the piston retracts pulling the pusher post and disc away from the sealed position allowing the valve to drain.

Constructed with brass body and adapter, Buna O-ring and seat disc, steel set screw, stainless steel springs and the highest quality molded parts.

Note: These units are not intended for use where water contamination could occur as a result of draining or for permanent continuous pressure installation. For continuous pressure systems, install the BFP Backflow Preventer Valve.


For use around homes, schools, commercial buildings, laboratories or any application involving a removable hose attached to threaded faucets.

Approvals and Listings

ASSE 1011/CSA 64.2



VB-222 Spec Sheet