​ Demand for Technologically Sophisticated Baths Grows

Demand for Technologically Sophisticated Baths Grows

Imagine a toilet that senses you are coming and opens for you. A shower that you can turn on by saying “Alexa, turn on my shower.” 60% of homeowners want a technologically sophisticated bath, according to Bathroom Technology Awareness and Usage Report, published by the National Kitchen & Bath Association. We have found homeowners are increasingly drawn to bath products and designs that enhance the space and enable them to create a personal refuge that is comfortable, relaxing and safe.

Many of the technologically sophisticated products that are popular among homeowners include smart shower systems, heated floors, motion-controlled lighting, leak detection devices connected to mobile apps, sound systems and Bluetooth connected products. The most popular being smart shower systems. These shower systems digitally read the temperature of the water, can be activated by Alexa voice command, and some even control music, lighting and steam.

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Mar 23rd 2020

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