Blanco 441232 Disposal Flange: Stainless Steel

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Designed to perfectly fit any drain with a 3½” drain opening, the BLANCO 3-in-1 DISPOSAL FLANGE catches debris unsuitable for your drain. Compatible with most INSINKERATOR garbage disposals, the 3-in-1 Disposal Flange has a tight, protective seal when in use so nothing goes down the drain that you don't want to. The strainer can be popped out and lifted out of the sink to be easily emptied into the garbage instead. The strainer also includes a cover to hold water in your kitchen sink as needed. The strainer basket pops out for easy rinsing, making life easier for all.

  • Compatible with all standard drains and most INSINKERATOR garbage disposals
  • Multi-functional basket strainer acts as a drain, strainer and also holds water
  • Quick and easy to empty and rinse after use
  • All BLANCO sink accessories feature a one year limited warranty
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Warranty PDF: 1 Year Warranty