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Bemis offers more innovation with a wider choice in colors and styles for your needs.

Pure Clean Bidet Seats

The Bemis Pure Clean will make you feel as clean and fresh as though you have just taken a shower. 

Why not use water during a toilet visit?

* Adjustable shower spray with double nozzle for female and posterior wash.

* Self-cleaning nozzle, automatically rinsed after each use. 

* No electricity needed, makes it easy to install in any household. 

* Slow close prevents slamming of the seat.

* Take off toilet seat for convenient and hygienic cleaning. 

* Seats can connect to your existing water supply.

Soft & Hygienic

When cleaning with water it is softer for the skin, calming, and more hygienic than using toilet paper only. With no use of chemicals, this can reduce the symptoms of irritation. This is a great seat for people with a temporary or permanent disabilities. Bidet seats can be a fantastic way to help with their personal hygiene. 


A bidet seat works without electricity and is easy to use. The seat comes with an adjustable shower spray and double nozzle for a posterior and female wash. The shower spray nozzle automatically rinses after each use. 

Bottom & Top Fixation

Seats are equipped with a top & bottom fixation kit. Contains the Bemis Ultra-fix fixing system which ensures your seat stays tight. The take-off function allows you to remove the seat for convenient and hygienic cleaning. The compact and discrete design adds style to your bathroom and makes it look like a regular toilet seat.

Potty Training Seats & Making Potty Training EASY!


NextStep2 - has an enameled wood adult ring and cover with a plastic child ring that secures magnetically. 


When potty training is finished, instead of storing a bulky, stand-alone potty chair for your next child. Simply clean the plastic child-sized ring, remove it, and store it for your next child. The adult ring and cover remain fully useable by the entire family. Boosting the confidence in the child is an important part of potty training. When your toddler feels confident, they are more likely to enjoy the process and want to keep going! Help give your little ones the steps forward on their little journeys. 


What are the Benefits for my Family??


Fun comes because you choose the seat that best fits your lifestyle.

* A potty training toilet seat that's designed for the whole family.  * A boost to your toddler's confidence and their "I did it!" attitude.

* Eliminating the mess and clutter of using stand-alone potty chair.  * Making the potty training process easier. 


Decisions? Decisions? How To Choose?


Looking for a certain color? Unsure of what would be best?

Bemis offers a large selections of colors. . . add the Color Chip Ring to your Cart now.

Choosing THE Perfect Seat

Moving throughout life, there is one thing that is constant and it is the need to make decisions. Your toilet seat, is a decision you may take for GRANTED! USED DAILY! A toilet seat should be versatile to accommodate your changing needs!


* Recently moved? * Looking to add a pop of color to your bathroom? * Potty training your children? * You or a family member have limited mobility? * Wanting extra-comfy toilet seat?


What material should you choose for your toilet seat?

Each material has its own benefits, improving life with features like hinges that let you remove the seat for easy cleaning and durable finishes. Benefits for enameled wood, plastic, soft, and veneer below.


**Regarless of material! All Toilet Seats should be cleaned using mild hand, antibacterial, or dish soap only, to help maintain a glossy finish. 


What toilet seat shape?

The Bemis family of toilet seats -- include Bemis, Mayfair, and Church. Available in Round seats measure 16.5" or Elongated seats measure 18.5".



Benefits of Soft Toilet Seats:


* Creating a spa-like ambience in your bathroom with their understated comfort. 

*For Cancer patients or those recovering from surgery, a cushioned seat can relieve pressure when sitting, providing for easier toileting. 

* The elderly - sitting on a traditional seat can be uncomfortable. Cushioning provides a "soft spot" for users to gently ease onto. 

* Individuals with hemorrhoids - their discomfort may be alleviated by using a soft seat. 


Benefits of Wood Finished Toilet Seats:


They are available in three wood finishes:

* Bamboo - natural tones harmonize with your decor, while brushed nickel hinges add elegance. 

* Oak - Beautiful oak tones add warmth, available in brass or chrome hinges. 

* Walnut - adds a rich depth, with stylish chrome hinges. 

Benefits of Enameled Wood Toilet Seats:


* Sculptured models with subtle cover patterns that complement your design theme. 

* Metal hinges that upgrade the feel of your decor. 

* Plastic hinges that let you easily remove the seat in cleaning. 

A great option for an enameled wood seat is our Alesio II


Benefits of Plastic Toilet Seats:


* A range of colors that harmonize with and complement any decor. 

* Plastic hinges that let you easily remove the seat for cleaning. 

* Some models feature Chrome hinges. 

If you are considering a plastic toilet seat, Affinity is a great option.


Learn The Basic way to remove & replace a Toilet Seat!


What you will need:

* Replacement Toilet Seat

* Tape Measure



* 1/2" or 5/8" Socket or Combination Wrench depending on the Toilet seat. 

Step 1: Finding the Perfect Match

Toilet Bowls and Toilet Seats come in two sizes: Round or Elongated. You will need to measure the length of the toilet bowl & the distance between the mounting holes. (Please refer to the picture.)


Step 2: Out with the Old - Removing Toilet Seat

Removing our existing toilet seat can take some qork from time to time. With a standard wrench and a screwdriver, you'll be able to remove it in no time. 


Please use caution, your tools can easily chip the porcelain of your toilet bowl. Locate the nuts under the toilet tank and grip them firmly with pliers in one hand. Hold the nuts in place while you use the other hand to unscrew the bolts with a screwdriver. 


HINT - If the bolts are rusty or badly calcified, spray them with a rust penetrant and let sit for a few mins. Try to loosen the bolts again. 


Step 3: Clean Slate & Seat

After removing the old toilet seat, take this time to clean in and around the bolt holes, best way to clean your toilet seat is with mild soap and warm water. 


Step 4: In With the New

Step 1 we took you through measuring a toilet seat. You should have the proper sized replacement toilet seat to now install on your bowl. Each toilet comes with appropriate hardware kit & instructions.