AXOR. A Reinterpretation of water. With design flair.


AXOR stands for self-expression. This can be seen in an impressive array of products created over the last 25 years. Around 2,000 products across more than a dozen collections and categories. Products utterly unique in their philosophy, conception and style, from the timeless to the avant-garde. Honored with various international design awards. Offering unique opportunities for customization. Personalization. Self-realization.

Driving it all is the pursuit of perfection. A process that continues until there is nothing left to add or remove. Until the product has become something more than sum of its form and function. This is the perfection AXOR aspires to in the development, design and production of every single one of its faucets, showers and accessories. It is a philosophy shared by the best designers in the world. For pioneering innovations. Without compromise. Form follows perfection.



Products that portray personality - From color diversity to product adaption and inscription.

Surface: Brushed Black Chrome

Surface: Brushed Bronze

Surface: Polished Chrome

Surface: Polished Gold Optic


Surface: Brushed Nickel


Surface: Matte Black


Surface: Brushed Red Gold/Polished Red Gold