All About LeakSMart Leak Detection

All About LeakSMart Leak Detection


How many times have you wished you had the powers to turn back the hands of time and turn a bad situation around? You have made that wish a thousand times, with nothing to show for it. But today is your lucky day. On this page, we’ll give you the tools that will help you salvage a bad situation before it costs you more than you can afford. While you may not be able to go back in time and turn a bad situation around, you can prevent it from occurring in the first place. With Leaksmart devices, you can protect your household from water and temperature disasters. Even when you are miles away from your home.

Life is beautiful, life is fun. But life can be unpredictable at times – and unless you have the right devices, that’ll notify you in case of an unforeseen event, life will hit you with hurtful blows. Hence the invention of the revolutionary Leaksmart device; a device that is designed to detect imminent flood in your home, and prevent water from damaging your properties. When connected to your home’s water supply and hub, this device will detect and notify you of water leaks and unusual temperature changes in your home.

How the LeakSmart device works

leakSamrt is a smart device programmed with the latest water detection technology, that’ll report the slightest change in the water present in your home. LeakSmart water detection device is analogous to your smoke detection device; it has an in-built sensor that detects water leakages instead of smoke and an alarm system that goes off when the sensor detects imminent floods in your home. While other water detection devices focus on detecting water presence alone, Leaksmart devices go extra miles to detect temperature variations across a specified space. If the water supply in your home is controlled by an automatic water shut-off valve, you can pair your Leaksmart devices with the value to shut off the water supply in the event of a leak. Thus, water presence in your home will not rise to threatening levels before the Leaksmart sensor steps in to save the day.

Why you need the Leaksmart water detection system in your home

As most of our homes are built on a network of pipes (plumbing, electricity, and gas pipes), it is almost impossible to prevent leaks in the home. Water leaks are rampant among homes, and the Leaksmart water detection system can help you locate the problem before it materializes into a bigger problem. In so doing, protecting your home from issues relating to water leaks. When water leaks in your home, it exposes your home to certain dangers. Aside from the fact that it can damage the electrical installations and gadgets in your home, it can also expose your home to toxic mold.

Molds are highly destructive organisms with an uncanny reproduction capacity that allows them to multiply exponentially within a short while. These organisms can cause damage to your properties, including furniture, art, finishing, paint, and anything else that holds value in your home. But that is not the main problem. The principal problem is that they’re not so easy to remove. Before you can succeed in removing the mold out of your home, a good number of your property would have been damaged and you would have spent a significant part of your budget on repairs. As if that is not enough, toxic molds have implications on your health and the health of the inhabitants of your home. mold formation in your home can expose you to infectious allergens, joint & muscle pain, headaches, respiratory disorders, and gastrointestinal disorders. All this can be prevented with a simple, yet effective water detection system – Leaksmart.

Possible installation areas in your home for the Leaksmart water detection system.

Leaksmart water detection system can be installed in any area of your own that is prone to water leaks. The Leaksmart sensor can be in close proximity with your sink, water closet, humidifier, dispensers, refrigerator, hot water heater, or laundry machines. Mold formation is common in these areas. left unwatched, the mold will spread to every corner of your home.

For optimal results, install the Leaksmart water detection sensor in out-of-the-way areas in your home. That way, the Leaksmart sensor will notify you immediately a leak materializes in such areas.

If you are the type that spends time in the bathroom every day, mopping and cleaning the floors, there’s a high probability that you’ll notice a leak in your bathroom before it poses a threat to your home. however, a leak under your kitchen will not be so easily noticed, since it’s not one of the frequently visited areas in your home. So keep your home and your properties safe, by installing Leaksmart system in all water prone areas in your home.

Why choose Leaksmart


Leaksmart water detector is a ZigBee HA1.2. certified wireless device, and it connects easily with compactable devices. The Leaksmart wireless sensor works best with Leaksmart hubs, wink, and smartthing systems. Each device is sold as a singular unit, but are readily available on the internet. New versions of the Leaksmart sensors can pair with Google home hub and controlled remotely through your smartphones or tablets.


Leaksmart water detection systems are superior to most of the conventional leak detectors that you’ll find out there. As opposed to the traditional sensors, Leaksmart sensor detects moisture and temperature. Which makes it the ideal choice for water and temperature emergencies in your home. You can install it anywhere within the confines of your home, and it will send you real-time notifications about the water leaks in your home. In the event of abnormal temperature variations in your home, the Leaksmart system will send pop-up notifications to your phone. But if you are at home, when the Leaksmart sensor detects the leaks or temperature fluctuations, you would hear a notification sound from the alarm system that comes inbuilt with the Leaksmart sensor.


Leaksmart water detection system is designed with the premonition that it would be submerged in fluids while sensing moisture in your home. In light of this fact, all Leaksmart water detection systems are highly resistant to moisture. In the event of a flood, you can clean and reuse the Leaksmart detector anytime you want. This smart leak detector will not only save your property from water damage; it will also protect itself from water exposure. You can use the Leaksmart sensor as many times as you like without worrying about water damage.

Easy to use

Leaksmart water detection system does not require a manual or any expertise to install. Just put it the water prone areas of your home and you are good to go. Even the app pairing process is straightforward and self-explanatory. Unless you are trying to pair the system with incompatible devices, you won’t experience any issue with the Leaksmart system installation.


If you are worried about your home’s exposure to water leaks or you are looking for top-notch devices that will help you monitor extreme temperature changes in your home. Then Leaksmart water detection system is for you. This simple, yet effective leak sensor, will keep you updated at all times, about the slightest change in your home’s temperature and water presence. 

Sep 3rd 2019

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