Zurn Wilkins 375 RP 3/4" Reduced Pressure Principle Assembly Backflow Preventer

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  • UPC #: 612052081359
  • MPN #: 34-375
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The Zurn Wilkins 375 RP Backflow Preventer is your first line of defense in protecting your water supply from potential contamination. If you value the safety and purity of your water, this assembly is a non-negotiable addition to your plumbing system.

Backflow Protection with Ease and Reliability

  • Brand: Zurn Wilkins
  • MPN: 34-375
  • Body Material: Bronze Valve Body and Shut Off Valves, Composite Housing and Check Modules for longevity
  • Connection: FNPT x FNPT
  • Length: 8-7/8"
  • Width: 3-9/16"
  • Size: 3/4"
  • Temperature Range: 33°F to 180°F
  • Maximum Pressure: 175 psi
  • Compliance: C-UL; CSA B64.4; FM; IAPMO; UL; ASSE 1013; AWWA compliant C511
  • Suitable for: Potable Water Supply Systems, Irrigation Systems, Fire Sprinkler Systems, Industrial Processing Plants, and Wastewater Treatment Plants.
  • Backflow Protection: The Zurn Wilkins 375 RP safeguards against back-siphonage and backpressure to keep your potable water clean and safe from contamination.
  • EZSwap Pressure Vessel: The RPZ Backflow Preventer features the EZSwap pressure vessel which makes removal, flushing, and replacement of the vessel easy.
  • This backflow valve is suitable for a wide range of applications with options for NRS, OS&Y, and Butterfly shut-off valves.
  • The compact, short-lay length design of the Zurn Backflow Preventer allows easy installation even in tight spaces.

Protect Your Water Supply with Zurn Wilkins

Designed to deliver the best in backflow prevention, the Zurn Wilkins 375 RP combines advanced features, a resilient build, and user-friendly maintenance for both residential and industrial uses.

The unique EZSwap Pressure Vessel sets this model apart from other backflow preventers on the market. This feature makes the usually complex maintenance process quick and easy, saving you valuable time and ensuring less interruption to your water supply. It protects against back-siphoning and backpressure of contaminated water, and is designed to fit even the tightest spaces, with various valve options.

Built with an epoxy-coated ductile iron valve body and a UV-resistant reinforced nylon pressure vessel, the Zurn Wilkins 375 RP resists corrosion and mineral buildup, resulting in an extended lifespan and consistent performance. This also makes it suitable for various conditions, including exposure to sunlight and harsh water types. Moreover, it offers flexibility with its multiple options for NRS, OS&Y, and Butterfly shut-off valves. This feature allows it to adapt to different water supply systems' specific needs, making it a versatile choice for both residential and industrial applications.

Invest in the safety and purity of your water supply with the Zurn Wilkins 375 RP 3/4" Reduced Pressure Principle Assembly Backflow Preventer.

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