TOTO WASHLET+ Nexus One-Piece Elongated 1.28 GPF Toilet with Auto Flush S500e Contemporary Bidet Seat, Cotton White - MW6423046CEFGA#01

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Cotton White
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Experience the Pinnacle of Hygiene and Comfort

The Toto T40 WASHLET+ Nexus One-Piece offers a seamless installation, advanced features, and exceptional performance. With its sleek design, hygienic cleaning, and customizable settings, it provides a luxurious and convenient toilet experience. Elevate your bathroom experience with the Toto T40 WASHLET+ Nexus One-Piece.

  • Brand: Toto
  • Product Collection: Nexus
  • MPN: MW6423046CEFGA-01
  • Material: Vitreous China and Plastic
  • Color: Cotton White
  • Shape: Elongated
  • Flush Lever Placement: Left
  • Flow Rate: 1.28 Gallons Per Flush
  • Toilet Design: Skirted
  • Configuration: Floor mounted, one piece toilet
  • Rough-In: 12", may be adapted for 14"
  • Trapway: Non-clog, 2-1/8"
  • Min. Water Pressure: 8 psi (Static)
  • Height: 16-1/8"
  • Certifications: ADA, WaterSense, CALGreen, Universal Height, Proposition 65

This exceptional toilet seamlessly blends cutting-edge technology with sleek design, transforming your bathroom into an oasis of cleanliness, convenience, and water conservation. The automatic air deodorizer neutralizes bathroom odors with powerful filters. The deodorizer effectively cleanses the air around the toilet to create a more pleasant experience.

The Washlet S500e features Toto's technologically advanced eWater+® system which uses electrolyzed water generated by a technologically advanced process, transforming the water into a safe and powerful compound. The washlet pre-mists the bowl before each use, reducing the need for harsh chemicals, promoting cleanliness, and cleaning the wand after each use. The Toto Nexus also utilizes CEFIONTECT, a layer of exceptionally smooth glaze that prevents particles from adhering to the ceramic.

The Tornado Flush features a hole-free rim design that offers dual-nozzle bowl cleansing, creating a centrifugal rinsing action and resulting in a cleaner bowl. The Auto Flush activates automatically when you stand up from the seat, further enhancing hygiene by minimizing manual contact. These features optimize performance to reduce the frequency of toilet cleanings, minimizing the usage of water, harsh chemicals, and time required for cleaning.

Enhance the aesthetics of your bathroom with the Toto Washlet+ Nexus's sleek and contemporary design. Its elongated shape, cotton white finish, and concealed connections create a clean and modern aesthetic. The T40 Washlet+ is designed to conceal the power cord and water supply hose for a seamless installation. This "one-piece" style toilet has no separate tank so the lines are elegant and smooth, and the surface is seamless. The newly redesigned lid style resides flush with the toilet bowl, providing a streamline look and giving the impression of an integrated system. The Washlet+ features a quick-release button to easily remove the seat from the bowl for more detailed cleaning.

The Toto Washlet S500e is operated by a luxury style illuminated touch pad remote with 2 user memory to save preferred settings. The remote is dual-sided and touch sensitive. It is intuitive and comes with a wall-mount. Choose from five customizable spray settings, including pre-mist, posterior wash, soft cleanse, oscillating wash, and pulsating wash, to suit your individual preferences. The contoured seat is heated to provide maximum comfort, keeping you warm and cozy. Adjustable temperature settings allow users to create and maintain the perfect level of warmth.

Conserve water without compromising performance with the toilet's exceptional 1.28 GPF rating. This water-efficient design helps you reduce your environmental impact while maintaining a powerful flush.

The Toto Washlet S500e uses an on-demand tankless water heating system so that there is always plenty of warm water. The Toto Washlet S500e has a dryer that is very effective compared to most others on the market. Enjoy the ease and comfort of drying with the temperature-adjustable warm-air dryer. The need for toilet paper can be reduced with a more hands-free experience.

Additional Features

  • Chrome plated trip lever
  • Soft-closing lid and seat for gentle and quiet operation
  • Designed to work exclusively with a T40 Washlet+ bidet seat for seamless integration
  • Concealed water supply and power cord for effortless installation and sleek aesthetic
  • Completely skirted design for a sleek and understated look that's easier to clean
  • CEFIONTECT ceramic glaze prevents debris and mold from sticking to ceramic surfaces
  • Created with the highest quality materials and construction to ensure longevity and durability
  • EWATER+ is a safe and powerful compound that cleans the wand and bowl after every use, reducing the need for harsh cleaning chemicals.
  • Pre-mist function wets bowl to prevent waste from sticking to the surface and help with odor control
  • Warm air dryer with five adjustable temperatures for a comfortable and thorough drying experience
  • Automatic air deodorizer and auto tornado flush for touchless convenience, increased hygiene, and efficiency
  • Front and rear warm water washing with five adjustable temperature and pressure controls, including oscillating or pulsating stream option
  • Bowl Height: 16-1/8" (floor to the top of the bowl)
  • Overall Height: 27" (from bottom of the base to the highest point of the toilet)
  • Overall Depth: 29-3/8" (furthest point back to front of toilet)
  • Overall Width: 17-1/2" (furthest point left to furthest point on the right)
  • Distance Between Seat Installation Holes: 5-1/2"
  • Helps those with limited mobility and disabilities achieve self-care and regain independence
  • Tankless, instantaneous water heating means never running out of warm water
  • Luxury style illuminated touch pad remote with sliding action and 2 user memory to save preferred settings
  • Warranty: One Year Limited Warranty

About Toto

Toto is the world’s largest toilet manufacturer. Toto’s innovation and quality have generated immense success for its toilets, washlets, showers, faucets, sinks, and more. The company's craftsmanship and ingenuity have resulted in Toto faucets and fixtures being a popular choice for bathrooms around the globe.

Elevate your bathroom experience to new heights of hygiene, comfort, and sustainability with the Toto Washlet+ Nexus One-Piece Toilet with Auto Flush S500e. Order yours today and experience the difference!

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