Saniflo 052 Descaler Cleanser

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Over time, mineral buildup and limescale can hinder the efficiency of your Saniflo macerator pump and potentially cause blockages. The Saniflo 052 Descaler Cleanser is your ultimate solution to restore and maintain the optimal performance of your macerator and plumbing system.

Restore Your Plumbing System

  • Brand: Saniflo
  • Product #: 052
  • 1.25 gallons
  • Effective Limescale Removal: Dissolves and prevents limescale and mineral deposits that accumulate in macerator pump and plumbing components
  • Pump Longevity: Regular disinfecting and descaling extends the lifespan of your Saniflo macerator pump
  • Pump Efficiency: Eliminating limescale and mineral buildup allows your macerator to work more efficiently.
  • b>Easy to Use: With straightforward application instructions, keeping your plumbing system in top shape is hassle-free.
  • Special Formula: This laboratory formulated phosphoric acid cleaner is designed for cleaning and descaling the heart of your system and its internal components.
  • Safe for septic tank operation
  • Specifically created for use with Saniflo gray water pumps, self-contained macerators, and external macerators
  • Concentrated solution for optimum cleaning power
  • 2 Uses Per Bottle: Use 1/2 gallon for each cleaning
  • Recommended Use: Every 6 months, depending on water hardness

Ensuring Flawless Performance and Hygienic Wastewater Disposal

The Saniflo 052 Descaler Cleanser is your plumbing system's best friend, ensuring your macerator pump works flawlessly, and wastewater is efficiently and hygienically disposed of. Don't wait for limescale to disrupt your plumbing; invest in regular maintenance with this powerful descaler and enjoy peace of mind knowing your system is in tip-top shape.

Regular descaling with specially formulated Saniflo Descaler will prolong the life of the pump and maintain optimum performance. The Saniflo Descaler is specifically created for use with Saniflo pumps and laboratory formulated with phosphoric acid.  Regular usage of Saniflo Descaler prolongs pump life, maintains efficiency and it is harmless to septic tank operation. The Saniflo Descaler fluid removes hard water deposits that build up in the macerator. Regular descaling with the specially formulated Saniflo descaler will prolong the unit's life and maintain optimum performance. It is specifically created for use with Saniflo products and laboratory formulated with phosphoric acid. Choose the Saniflo 052 Descaler Cleanser and say goodbye to plumbing hassles.

How to Descale a Saniflo Macerator Pump/Toilet

  1. Disconnect the macerator from the power supply.
  2. Pour half the bottle, or approximately 2.5 liters, of the descaling solution into the toilet bowl.
  3. Leave the solution for at least two hours.
  4. Connect the unit to the power supply. Flush the toilet a few times.

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