Outdoor Shower Company

Outdoor Shower Company

Find the best deals on Outdoor Shower Company outdoor showers, parts and products at Since the company’s inception in 1999, Outdoor Shower Company has been devoted to designing and manufacturing stainless steel showers that will endure harsh outdoor environments. One of the only companies that manufactures outdoor stainless steel showers in the United States, the Outdoor Shower Company offers 304 and 316 commercial grade stainless steel and chrome plated brass products rated for outdoor use. Installation hardware is included with all shower units.

Outdoor Shower Company

Stainless steel faucets and fixtures are the perfect choices for both outdoor and indoor applications. When designing your outdoor space, you’ll need a faucet solution that successfully combines durability and functionality with style and design.

Their outdoor shower fixtures with stainless steel options will raise the aesthetic appeal of your outside space with a sleek, modern appearance, while also providing a long-lasting and efficient solution for water conservation.

The brand has a vast product line of bathroom and kitchen faucets that are made from stainless steel, and are excellent additions whether you’re renovating a space or building something completely new.

As one of the leading outdoor shower distributors, can offer some of the lowest prices and most competitive deals online. You can order the perfect stainless steel faucets and outdoor showers, like the Wall Mount Cold Water Shower WM-442-ADA, without having to pay big prices.

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Manufacturer's Warranty

Outdoor Shower Company guarantees 304 stainless products for a period of ten (10) years and 316 marine grade stainless steel products for a period of five (5) years against faults in the material or construction, defect, or workmanship by the manufacturer. The warranties begin on the date the product is delivered to the customer by an assigned carrier. The warranty does not include damage from freight carriers, faulty installation, failure to comply with cleaning and maintenance instructions, or freeze damage, and will become void if merchandise is damaged from misuse, improperly maintained or installed, or modified without the authorization from a licensed distributor. The warranties include replacement or repair of defective parts and an unconditional guarantee against manufacturing defects. The manufacturer will replace or repair at its own discretion any manufactured or supplied part found to be defective if the conditions are met. Any shipping fees associated with the return or replacement of merchandise covered by this warranty will be incurred by Outdoor Shower Company, LLC. We reserve the right to determine if damage to a unit or any parts is the direct cause of not complying with manufacturer’s guidelines. For more information on the warranty visit