Grohe 22602LN0 Water Security Kit

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The GROHE Sense Guard™ water control system continuously monitors water pressure in the pipes, detecting every anomaly from minor leaks to a major burst. GROHE Sense Guard™ automatically shuts off water supply when it detects a pipe burst and an alert is sent to your smartphone. AqualQ self-learning algorithm learns your patterns of water consumption and alerts you if your water consumption is higher than usual, even detecting minor leaks and notifying you on your smartphone. GROHE Sense Guard™ also monitors changes in water pressure and temperature to help prevent frost damage and the spread of mold. GROHE Sense Guard™ connects to your home WiFi network. In the case of a connectivity loss, GROHE Sense Guard™ continues to protect your home by shutting off water in the event a pipe burst occurs

• Full GROHE Sense range in one handy transport tool box • Perfect kit for installers • Including: • 1 x GROHE Sense Guard 110 V with 1" connection (22 503 LN0) • 1 x GROHE Sense wall mounting set with 1" connection (22 603 000) • 2 x mounting nuts with R3/4" connection • 1 x GROHE Sense Guard power extension cable (22 521 LN0) • 3 x GROHE Sense battery powered including batteries (22 601 LN0) • 1 x GROHE Sense extension set (22 506 LN0) • 1 x GROHE transport tool box • Made in Germany


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