Dahl Skirted Toilet Kits E33-2386-A

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Product Type:
Skirted Toilet Kit
5/8 OD Comp X 3/8 OD Comp
Lead-Free Brass
Plated Handle
Inlet Pipe Type:
Inlet Size:
5/8 OD
Outlet Pipe Type:
Outlet Size:
3/8 OD


When installing a skirted toilet (Toto Aquia IV, for example) or any toilet where you have limited space (maybe your powder room), this valve is an absolute MUST. It works great and looks flawless. Nobody wants to have a valve 4" off the wall, tucked in behind a toilet when you can be an inch off the wall.


Features and Benefits

Don't cut open that wall! Use the Skirted Toilet Kit and get the job finished on time with increased customer satisfaction.

Another unique solution from  .

Every valve is tested before leaving our factory.

Uses existing stub-out

Quick 1/4 turn on or off

Available with inlets for Copper, PEX, Iron, CPVC pipe and more





Skirted Toilet Kit


Instructions for E33-2386-A

Turn off water supply. Install product. Turn on water supply, check for leaks.  assumes no responsibility for failure due to improper installation. Abide by local plumbing codes. Do not expose to corrosive agents.

COMPRESSION ON COPPER PIPE: Do not use pipe dope or PTFE tape. Pipe must be clean, de-burred, round, & cut square. Slide nut, then ring, then valve onto pipe. Tighten firmly with small wrench. DO NOT OVER-TIGHTEN. Compression on plastic tube: Follow tube manufacturer's instructions; Special ring, nut, or an insert may be required.



The premium quality of every  valve and pipe hanging product is a promise we make, and a promise we keep, to all of our customers.  Quality products and quality service are our only priority.

 quality is evident in the weight of our products.  In many cases, the weight of our product is double that of others, so just by holding it in your hand, you can sense that Dahl Valve Limited products are superior.

100% North American

In the plumbing industry, sourcing of raw materials, parts, packaging and/or finished goods offshore is commonplace.   products are designed, engineered and manufactured in our Canadian facilities.  We source our raw materials and components from the United States or Canada.  This gives us control over product quality and on-time delivery to customers.

Better materials are the first step to better quality

 sets stringent standards for our suppliers.  We thoroughly test any material prior to considering purchase.   never compromises on quality standards.  All raw materials utilized are sourced from the United States or Canada.

Brass. Compared to “offshore” brass, American brass has fewer impurities and a preferable microstructure.  This results in far superior corrosion resistance in aggressive water conditions.

PTFE. The quality of American PTFE rod Dahl Valve Limited purchases for precision-machined ball valve seals is unmatched, and critical to long product life.  dahl mini-ball™ valves have been life cycle tested to over 700,000 cycles without failure.

O-Rings.  only purchases American O-rings made from the highest quality compounds.  O-rings used by  are free from common defects such as geometric deficiencies that cause leaks and rapid deterioration caused by inferior resistance to aggressive elements in the water.

Warranty Information

LifeTime Warranty In order to warranty their products for a lifetime, quality is inherent. dahl valves are guaranteed for as long as you own the property in which they were installed. Our products exceed CSA and IAPMO requirements. A LifeTime Warranty Backed by Superior Customer Service Dahl Valve Limited LifeTime Warranty dahl’s warranty is the industry’s best, and clearly proves the quality of the products. It is the result of over 50 years of manufacturing experience. dahl’s position as the industry leader is demonstrated by the immediate responsiveness of customer service representatives. Your call will be answered within 15 seconds from the time you are connected to the phone system. We also monitor e-mails real-time and strive to respond upon receipt.