Consider Maintenance in your new Bathroom Design

Consider Maintenance in your new Bathroom Design

Maintaining your new bathroom not only will increase the useful life of vanities, water closets, faucets, shower systems and hardware; regular maintenance also will enhance your enjoyment of the space. Questions we always ask clients is how often a bathroom is used, and for what purposes other than grooming and hygiene? Other questions to consider are who will clean the bathroom, how often and how much time and effort do you want to keep your bath spotless?

The answer to those questions is to provide a roadmap to the types of finishes that are specified for flooring, countertops, vanities, storage, walls, plumbing cabinet hardware, accessories and just about every other surface and fixture in the bath.

Inset doors on vanities and storage pieces require more care, maintenance and effort to clean than flat panel counterparts because inset doors feature recesses and grooves where dirt and dust can more easily accumulate.

White bath motifs remain extremely popular with homeowners. White offers an unlimited pallet to add pops of color, incorporate metallic tones and make unique design statements with textures, materials and contrasts. White cabinets, walls, floors and fixtures are also easier to maintained than those with dark paints, stains or finishes because darker colors show dust, fingerprints and just about anything else you can imagine that you don’t appear on white cabinets. However, scratches and nicks are easier to fix on stained cabinets than those on painted cabinets.

The type of wood finish also affects maintenance requirements. Oak, hickory, beech and other species that where the grain shines through are less likely to show stains and scratches.

When considering flooring, keep in mind that ceramic and porcelain tiles are easier to maintain than wood or stone. The benefits that come with ceramic and porcelain include moisture, stain and scratch resistance, and there is never a need to seal ceramic or porcelain. That’s not the case with stone. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about the cleaners that are used on ceramic or porcelain damaging the surface.

Quartz is a virtually maintenance-free countertop material and is one of the reasons more homeowners are making quartz the number one countertop material for their new bathrooms. Quartz is scratch and stain resistant and can be cleaned with virtually any household cleaner. You can choose from a wide range of styles, from solid colors to a marble look.

Opting for painted cabinets and walls? A popular and easy to maintain choice is a satin finish due to its durability and ability to absorb light. Semi-gloss paints are a smart choice for baseboards and trim due to its ability to resist moisture damage, stains and scratches better than other alternative painted finishes. Several paint companies also have bathroom specific products that are extra moisture resistant.

Brushed finishes for cabinet hardware, faucetry and other components are popular due to their ability to hide fingerprints and water spots much more effectively than polished finishes like chrome.

Nov 1st 2019

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